Joint statement regarding MtGox

Hosted MtGox trading bot
with rebalancing strategy

  • SSH to your trading bot
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Safe, simple, no bullshit and open source
  • Awesome graphs and even
    IRC commands to track your

Usage, docs and code


git clone https://github.com/caktux/goxtool.git

ZeroGox is simply a hosted
version of this. You can try it
for yourself and run it freely
on your own computer, contribute
or not, and that's how it will

This hosted version is simply
for convenience and an attempt
to make trading more accessible.
Settings are exposed in the web
interface of your account and an
address will be provided for you
to SSH to your trading bot.

You will need to upload a public
key to authorize yourself and
will then be able to add your
MtGox API token and secret when
and only if you want to, just
like if you were using goxtool


I am not responsible for any loss you
might incur while using this service.
Use at your own risk.

I'm offering this service as a privilege to
Bitcoin enthusiasts and reserve the right
to close your account or ZeroGox at any time
if there is any abuse or for any other reason.
You agree to these terms and any
other possible legal crap like
™ if you register.