The bot connects to server as nick ZeroGox. Using the chat on the cha[r]t page is the easiest way to start. You can find him in #zerogox, #ethereum (, Reddit:

  • Aggregator:

    Enables the reporting of aggregated feed items to configured channels.

  • Alerts:

    Sends private price alerts or Fish/Rise-Drop/ATH alerts. Usage: `alert me when price is below 0.0025 on kraken before 11pm EST` or simply `alert me when price reaches 0.0025 on kraken`. For fish/rise/ath alerts: `alert me on tuna alert for poloniex when trend is up and state is buy` or `alert me on drop alert for kraken when trend is down and state is sell`. Type `alerts` for a list of your alerts and `alert del ID` to remove an alert.
    Set your email with `ZeroGox: email [email protected]`, check with `ZeroGox: email` and delete with `ZeroGox: email del`.

  • Auth:

    If you have a Drupal user account with the bot's host, you can "/msg ZeroGox login Username API_key" to authenticate your IRC session and gain additional privileges.

  • Balance:

    Get balance. Usage: `balance e559de5527492bcb42ec68d07df0742a98ec3f1e`

  • Bitcointalk URLs:

    Displays the title of Bitcointalk URLs; multiple URLs in a single message are acceptable. Popular and recent URLs are tracked at

  • Botagotchi:

    Proper care and feeding lets your botagotchi grow and be happy!

  • ChanOps:

    command USER [channel]. Issue an IRC operator command against user. If channel not given active one is assumed (it is required in private messaging). Available commands: register, verify, group, changenick, join, leave, topic, chanregister, dropchan, recover, enforce, flags, set, op, deop, voice, devoice, invite, kick|get rid of|fire ion cannons at|fire ion cannon at|give the boot to|boot, unkick, unkickall, kickvote, votekick, unkickvote, unvotekick, ban, unban, addsuccessor, delsuccessor, ignore, unignore, ignorelist, quiet|silence, unquiet|unsilence, autovoice, autoop, deautovoice, deautoop, voicevote, opvote, devoicevote, deopvote.

  • Downtime check:

    Usage: `is stats down?`, available websites: kraken, poloniex, stats, blockchain, bitstamp, stamp, coinbase, btc-e, btce, bitfinex, finex, cryptsy, crypsty, localbitcoins, ghash,, huobi,, virwox, bitcointalk, bitcoinstarter, bitcoinity, bitcoinwisdom, wisdom, reddit, investopedia

  • Factoids: n/a
  • Flair:

    IRC flairs! Use `flair irc`, `flair irc|ircflair [nickname]`, and set yours with `flair bull|bear [kraken|krakenusd|poloniex|polousd|stamp|btce|finex|ltc|doge]`. Flair prices with `flair prices [kraken|krakenusd|poloniex|polousd|stamp|btce|finex|ltc|doge] See

  • Google:

    Search in Google directly in IRC. Syntax: ZeroGox: google keywords here

  • Investopedia:

    Looks up terms on Investopedia. Usage: `ZeroGox: trailing stop?`

  • Jokes:

    Because we need jokes. Just ask for a joke. ICNDb -

  • Karma:

    Keeps track of "karma" altered by "foo++" or "bar--". Terms must be 3 to 15 characters in length. "BOTNAME: karma foo?" gives the current karma score. Highest and lowest karma scores can be seen at

  • Leash:

    Keeps your bot on a leash, by stopping it from talking to strangers (users who are not in an IRC channel the bot itself is already on). This is useful if you use the bot in a private channel on a public IRC server, and other users on the server are not trusted. Since any user on IRC who knows a bot's IRC handle can interact with the bot in a private chat. The message that the bot responds to private messages from strangers with can be modified or disabled on the bot settings page.

  • Logging:

    Logging has been enabled for some or all channels at A URL to the current log and timestamp is retrievable with "ZeroGox: log pointer?" or "ZeroGox: log bookmark?"

  • Poll:

    Usage: Vote with `vote CHOICE_ID` on current poll, add a poll with `poll! Your question? vote 1: Some first choice; vote 2: Second, but as important choice`. Add `; end: 15 minutes` to change poll closing time. Use `polls` for the last 2 polls and `poll POLL_ID` to view your poll and the choices. See also for all polls. Available commands: polls, poll[!]+, poll, vote.

  • React:


  • Read:

    Just read a webpage. Logged in users only. Use `read`.

  • Reddit URLs:

    Displays the title of Reddit URLs; multiple URLs in a single message are acceptable. Popular and recent URLs are tracked at

  • Reminders:

    Reminders can be set with "ZeroGox: remind NICK (at|by|in|on) DURATION (about|how|that|to) MESSAGE". For example: "ZeroGox: remind me in 1 hour and 15 minutes that this bot is awesome", "ZeroGox: remind me in 20 minutes to check my pot roast.", or even "ZeroGox: remind me on thursday that this is when I should sell."

  • ScanLinks:

    Scans links for malware. Automatic feature. Get last URL's report with "url report". Report links with "report URL". Whitelist with "whitelist URL". Blacklist with "blacklist URL"

  • Seen:

    If someone asks "seen Morbus", the bot will report the last time they've been seen, where, and what their last known message was. Directly addressing the bot will also allow the more complex syntax of "seen Morbus? seen d8uv?", "have you seen sbp?" and similar forms. * can be used as a wildcard, but only with a minimum of three other characters. A maximum of three results are displayed for any one request.

  • Sentiment:

    Report sentiment from Usage: `sentiment [bitcoin|industry|media|reddit|alt-coins|litecoin|peercoin|namecoin]`. Above 50% is bull, below is bear. Donate to CryptoCompass for the service and to caktux for ZeroGox!

  • Sorry:


  • Storage:

    Get storage. Usage: `storage 032b047addb02667f1872925d37843e0afbccd91 0x9`

  • Tell:

    Queue messages with "ZeroGox: tell caktux that his bot messages are awesome.". Queued messages will be delivered publicly when the recipient sends a message to the channel.

  • Timezones:

    Display timezones with "ZeroGox: timezone BST". Convert timezones with "tz 10AM MST to EST" or "tz 14:27 UTC in Europe/London". Timestamps are allowed if combined and with no spaces: "tz 2010-10-23T10:00 EST to UTC". All returned dates are DST-aware.

  • Tradingview URLs:

    Displays the title of Tradingview URLs; multiple URLs in a single message are acceptable. Popular and recent URLs are tracked at

  • Translate:

    Translations! Use `translate Où est la lune?`.

  • Twitter and YouTube:

    If you post a Twitter link, the tweet will get echoed in the channel, saving a click. YouTube links get their title and view count echoed too.

  • Urban:

    Looks up terms on Urban. Usage: `ZeroGox: Effective monday?`

  • Wei converter:

    Wei converter. Usage: `convert 12300000000000000000 wei to ether`, `456000000000000000 wei to finney`, `10 ether in szabo`.

  • Wei faucet:

    Wei faucet. Sends some test ether for free every 9 minutes. Usage: `ZeroGox: wei e559de5527492bcb42ec68d07df0742a98ec3f1e`. See

  • Wiki:

    Wikipedia! Knowledge! Use `wiki Bitcoin`, `wikipedia Trading strategy`, or use `wk` as a shortcut.

  • Wolfram:

    Wolfram! All the knowledge! Use `wolfram 250$ + 15%`, `wolfram 50000 yen in usd`, use `wf` as a shortcut. Anything, just ask.
    NEW! Address ZeroGox to ask questions instead of using the wolfram or wf commands or register on and login on IRC with /msg ZeroGox login YourNickname API_key to ask directly. Unregistered: "ZeroGox: What time is it in China?"; Registered: "Convert 10 USD to EUR", "Why is the sky blue?", etc.

  • ZeroGox:

    /msg ZeroGox command [options]. Available commands: profit, last, current, force, price. See your account for available options.